StratEx General concepts

The purpose of StratEx is to allow entering/maintaining data according to a specific structure to organise information, which is then easy to track back, to monitor, and to extract in view of providing a complete reporting to our clients.

Top menu

When you open the StratEx Home page you will notice two areas: the central screen with your planned duties and over - on top of the screen - a main menu, which provides access to any function available in StratEx. The main menu is divided in many items (Project, Contract, etc.); each item provides functions to enter/review information on a specific part of the Project structure.

StratEx Top menu


The first menu named “StratEx” is the name of your Project; Bear in mind that your screen may display another name

  1. “StratEx” menu
    1. The first menu item is your personal dashboard displaying your tasks like deliverables, meetings and missions
  2. View menu
    1. Activity menu gives access to the “deliverables” to produce.
    2. Event stands for “meetings to attend”
    3. Mission covers business trips/expenses management
  3. Project menu
    1. The user creates a work breakdown structure for each quote or service/task order; the Project tab makes it possible to split a contract into Work streams and Work packages
  4. Contract menu
    1. Follow your contracts from a new service request to a framework contract management via proposal management, quotes, task or service order monitoring. Under this tab you may also manage “Request for action”, whereas risks and issues may also be recorded.
  5. Reporting menu
    1. Generate a selection of reports, queries, and other pre-formatted reports to be sent to a Microsoft Word document with a specific template
  6. Master data menu
    1. Manager the Master data containing StratEx’ administrative data; people access rights, stakeholders, database calendar (for Non-working days) and jobs
  7. Help menu
    1. Describe in detail fields defining the artefacts like a proposal and a request for offer


The search functionality is valid for any of the screens in StratEx.

Transversal functionalities

Transversal functionalities apply the same logic in any Business Object (Mission, Event, Risk, Activity, Issue, Action)

Searching and Filtering

The logical structure behind each menu item is similar; from each item you may: get a global view on a topic with searching and filtering possibilities on all items listed on this particular tab.

StratEx search functionality

Extracting data

After filtering data you may convert them easily into a spread sheet file (XLS), a Word document or a PDF.

StratEx Extract data

Document Management Storage

In most screens in StratEx, you may upload a document attached to an entry (a deliverable, an offer, a contract…) so that whenever you are searching for information, the actual document/contract etc. is at your disposal just by clicking on the hyperlink. StratEx may be used as structured document management storage as well.

StratEx Document management storage

Edit or delete records

From any item menu, you may edit an existing document, create a new entry or delete an existing record.

StratEx Create Update Delete menu item