22. Reporting > Word report templates menu

The word reports you can generate and share with your project’ executives, teams, partners, customers or suppliers (see Reporting > Word reports menu) are customisable. The word reports are based on queries that can use any information available inside the database such as Contract, Work stream, Action, etc.

22.1. Word templates list

List of Word templates

22.2. Create a word template

Description of the fields defining a Word report:

  • Short Name: Descriptive name of the query i.e. “Outstanding activities (weekly view)”
  • Query Definition: SQL statement for the query
  • Target Page: The page that will pop up if a line in the query result is selected. i.e. Activity

22.2.1. Upload a new template

Upload a new Word template

22.2.2. Set the cover page of the report

The report is made of one cover page. Set the cover page you would like to be present at the beginning of the report.

The cover to the word template

22.2.3. Set the sub reports composing the report

The report is made of sub reports. Those sub reports display certain items stored in the project. Those items can be the information related to a Work Stream, a Work package, a Contract etc.


The sub reports can used in many different reports. You may use a report displaying the list of actions in a Meeting minutes or an Activity report

The parts describing the the word report